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President’s Message: September 2019

Fellow Homebrewers and Beer Lovers:

Fall is finally here (for now), and with the cooler weather comes the thirst for more full/malty beers that fit the season. Brown and Amber ales start sounding really good to me around this time of year. And let’s not forget the German classic, Oktoberfest!

I would like to offer a belated congratulations to Kenny Lucas, who took home a 1st place, a 2nd place, and 2nd place OVERALL at Strassenfest!! I was not aware before last months meeting, so if you see him please join me in congratulating him in his awesome accomplishment!

Thanks to Cesar & Amelia Gonzalez, and Ben Ford for representing our club at Bonifest once again this year! From the pictures I saw, it looked like a great time.

For those who look forward to the public events, it has been a long summer without much action, but the time is finally here for our biggest event of the year, SWIRCA Brewfest!! It is this Saturday, and we are lower than average on volunteers and beer donations, so if you are able to support the club with either it would be greatly appreciated! There is a sign-up sheet posted on the forum. With that being said, we have been instructed to send a copy of everyone’s ATC serving permit in advance to SWIRCA in order for each person to be admitted. If you haven’t done so yet, please try and bring a copy to the meeting this Wednesday. If this is not provided, there’s no guarantee that you will be admitted without a ticket. Please contact Jeremy Dunn or Jordan Fehr with any questions.

At the August meeting, I announced the tentative October event, One Wort Many Beers, to be graciously hosted by Maidens. For proper planning purposes, we have decided to postpone this event until springtime next year. More details to come later.

The Big Turkey entry deadline is only 2 months away now! So if you plan to enter, crunch time for brewing is upon us. This years categories/styles are as follows:

  • 16: Dark British Beer
  • 16A: Sweet Stout
  • 16B: Oatmeal Stout
  • 16C: Tropical Stout
  • 16D: Foreign Extra Stout
  • 27: Historical Beers
  • 27A: Gose
  • 27B: Kentucky Commom
  • 27C: Lichtenhainer
  • 27D: London Brown Ale
  • 27E: Piwo Grodziskie
  • 27F: Pre-Prohibition Lager
  • 27G: Pre-Prohibition Porter
  • 27H: Roggenbier

Remember, these entries are due at the November meeting! We only require 2 bottles per entry, with NO fees. What do you have to lose?? Nothing. What do you have to gain? Feedback on your recipes/brewing, and a chance to be the 2019 Big Turkey Winner!

I hope to see you all at Germania (tomorrow/today)!