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President’s Message May 2022

Hello Tri-state’s finest Homebrewers!!! What a busy month it has been!!! I have to raise my glass and give a toast to my superstar wife Eva. In between running Aidan, Luci, Lili, Madi to all of their sporting events she still finds time to keep up the everyday house chores and with caring for our 1year old Owen. She even makes time to try my homebrew and gives me feedback, sometimes not the feedback I hope to hear 不不不. The ability to critique a beer is definitely an attribute she inherited from her late father Glen Wrinkles. Every new beer I brewed I would run a sample of the finished product to Glen and wait patiently as he would swirl the contents in the glass as he viewed them. Then he would raise the glass to his nose and take in the aroma. Finally he would sip the beer from the glass and I would watch his expression as I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Then what came next was something you can take to the bank, his word!!! I sure do miss that guy!!! I would like to give a huge thank you to John Mills for hosting our event one wort many beers and AHA BIG BREW, at his fine establishment Damsels brewpub. Tom Wrinkles headed that event and it was a huge success!!! Steve Strait and I pretty much came up with the same recipe so I’m very stoked to do some comparisons, grapefruit IPA. There were many interesting and mouth watering beers being brewed that day. Our end of the month June meeting there will be a small contest to where all attendees can vote on their favorite one wort many beer. That winner will receive a prize that has not been determined yet. Speaking of the month of June I hope no one was left out on the opportunity to signup for zoobrew June 4th. Please contact Jordan Fehr or look for his signup sheet to donate beer or to serve. Last but not least our May meeting is this Wednesday on the 25th @7oclock. Our meeting topic will be off flavors in beer. We will be introducing 2 more of our off flavors, from our kit, as we did at our April meeting. Very exciting and educational!!! Wow I hope all of this was able to fit on our OVHA page 不不不. I hope to see everyone Wednesday the 25th and try your beer. Also bring canned goods to donate. Everyone have a fine OVHA day!!!