What is the OVHA?

Club Photo 2024

The OVHA is a group of homebrewers who meet once a month to discuss the art and science of homebrewing beer, learn new brewing techniques, and talk about local craft beer. Membership is open to those over 21 years old and most hail from southwestern Indiana (around Evansville) and northwestern Kentucky. Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at the Damsel’s Brew Pub 209 N Wabash Ave of Flags, Evansville, IN 47712, at 7 p.m. If you are interested in joining the OVHA or want to find out more about homebrewing, stop by a meeting and/or read through our Message Board or visit our Facebook Group

2024 Officers:

President: Tom Wrinkles
Vice President: Steve Strait
Treasurer: Dan Mills
Secretary: Jared Warren

Board Members: Dwayne Delaney, Chris Davidson, Nathan Windberg, Shelby Hess, Jordan Fehr

Past Presidents
2023: Chris Davidson
2022: Shelby Hess
2021: Aaron Royer
2020: Jordan Fehr
2019: John Mullins
2018: Josh Wuertz
2017: Cesar Gonzalez
2016: Kenny Purcell
2015: Sky Buttrum
2014: Jeff Smith
2013: Don Heisler
2012: John Mills
2011: Dutch DeHaan
2010: John Dippel
2009: Chris Alvey
2008: Dwayne Delaney
2007: Kenny Lucas
2006: Dan Lutterback
2005: Jim Dippel
1997-2004: Peter Frederick