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President’s Message: August 2019

Fellow Homebrewers and Beer Lovers:

Thanks to all who made it to Maiden’s for the July meeting. We had a great turnout (for a remote meeting), and I thought it was very enjoyable. And a big THANK YOU to Maiden’s for hosting us!

This has been the least eventful summer for our club since I have been around.. Due to Swirca Fest being moved way out, we have a gap from Zoo Brew (early June) until Swirca in late September- With the exception of Bonifest, which is quite a small event that only requires a few club volunteers. With that being said, this is your “wake-up call” to get those Swirca beers in the fermenter ASAP! We are just 4 weeks away now! If you haven’t signed up yet, Jeremy Dunn has the sign up link posted on the OVHA forum, so be sure to get your name on there. If you sign(ed) up to serve, make sure you have a valid servers license at the time of the event. I believe Jeremy has posted that link on the same posting as the sign ups. This is our biggest event of the year (and also my personal favorite), so we can use all the beer donations and volunteers we can get!

The Big Turkey entry deadline is only 3 months away now, so if you plan to enter we are approaching crunch time for brewing some of the styles eligible for this year’s competition. This years categories/styles are as follows:

  • 16: Dark British Beer
  • 16A: Sweet Stout
  • 16B: Oatmeal Stout
  • 16C: Tropical Stout
  • 16D: Foreign Extra Stout
  • 27: Historical Beers
  • 27A: Gose
  • 27B: Kentucky Commom
  • 27C: Lichtenhainer
  • 27D: London Brown Ale
  • 27E: Piwo Grodziskie
  • 27F: Pre-Prohibition Lager
  • 27G: Pre-Prohibition Porter
  • 27H: Roggenbier

Remember, these entries are due at the November meeting! We only require 2 bottles per entry, with NO fees. What do you have to lose?? Nothing. What do you have to gain? Feedback on your recipes/brewing, and a chance to be the 2019 Big Turkey Winner!

We are back at our Germania tomorrow. I hope to see you all there!