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President’s Message: November 2018

Fellow Homebrewers,

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! This month’s meeting is at Germania Mannerchor on November 28th. Don’t forget your can good, and cash for half pot (remember, it’s how we pay our monthly meeting rent!).

This month, we will not have a tech topic; as we will accept Big Turkey entries, as well as accepting Officer and Board Member nominations. If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to submit a nomination, please contact myself or another board member. The vote will be held at our meeting in December.

Also, there is still time to submit your Big Turkey entries! Remember, first prize gets to brew their recipe at Maiden’s Brewery!

At the meeting, we will open the floor for nominations to the 2019 Board of Directors. We will be looking to nominate the most active members who would like to accept the opportunity of a leadership position with OVHA. Remember, it is the board who designs all of our meetings, and events throughout the year. If you’re organized, have a free evening every couple of months, and would like to take a leadership position within the club, please consider nominating yourself or a peer who you believe has those qualities.

Next month, at our monthly meeting (Wed. December 19th) we will hold the vote on the 2019 OVHA Board of directors, as well as host our annual family-friendly dinner meeting. You read that correctly… bring your family along with a side dish. As usual, this meeting will be held at Gemmania Mannerchor. At the meeting, the club will be providing a couple of meat dishes, so please bring a side-dish, and your beer. It is not surprising that many of our members have a knack for bringing some outstanding food, and this is one meeting that I definitely look forward to every year.

We will have a sign-up sheet for side dishes on the forum, so that we can more or less coordinate, so that we limit duplicate items.

Hope to see everyone there!

Josh Wuertz
OVHA President