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President’s Message: January 2020

Fellow homebrewers, it is my honor to address you as your 2020 president. My humble beginnings with homebrewing began right here at Germania Maennerchor 8 years ago. I started like most of you probably did; I knew very little about the brewing process, but I enjoyed good beer and getting ahold of it wasn’t always easy or cheap. After talking and sampling with the more experienced members and gathering the feedback from the sample I brought in, I was inspired to come back and keep brewing different and better homebrew. So to start off the year right, our tech topic is Going Back to Basics. Having a strong grasp of the basics is the best way to make homebrew and not to forget – simple beer can also be awesome beer! Our tech topics this year will, of course, get into more of the fine details and discuss new brew tech, but it’s important to remember where you came from.

In addition to the tech topics, another round around the sun means it’s time to renew your dues for 2020. We will be taking membership dues at the sign in table as well as on Paypal any ol’ time. This year is going to be a big one, so you don’t wanna miss out. In particular, this year the National Homebrew Conference and Competition will be hosted in our big backyard of Nashville, Tennessee. If you haven’t been to or heard about NHC and Homebrew Con, then we are going to fill you in. Each month we will offer the opportunity to learn about NHC and sign up for the American Homebrew Association. We will also discuss our local events, including Zoo Brew, SWIRCA BrewFest, Big Brew Day and many more. So bring a bottle (or two…or three…) of your most recent or proudest homebrew and join us at Germania at 7:00PM Wednesday January 29th.

Cheers, mates!

Jordan Fehr