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AHA Learn to Homebrew Day

There is really nothing like a club brew. The AHA LHD is no exception! If you have been out to the LHB we STRONGLY encourage you pack up you equipment, head to the Liquor Locker on Morgan Ave and stake you claim of parking lot space (I would suggest a spot close to Dwayne D. and his famous coffee pot) and show off your skills. Did we mention that honorary  lifetime club member, Skip S. will be on hand to fire up his grill and provide lunch??


This event is open to the public and allows us brewers to show off our equipment and skills. Last year there was over 11 batches brewed on just about every type of equipment from single kettle extract to Brew in a Bag to full on automated three vessel systems. If you are new to brewing or are just looking to learn more about the process you, don’t want to miss this event. HOPE WE SEE YOU THERE!

Here is a look back at LHB 2013.