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President’s Message: September 2015

Greetings Homebrewers,

I’m writing the monthly president’s message a bit early this month as I will be out of town on a cruise from the 18th through the 25th. Never fear though! I should be returning (hopefully with a tan) in time for the Museum Brew Ha-Ha on September 26th and the monthly club meeting on the 30th. The Evansville Museum has called on us for help serving and we need more servers! Even if you don’t have any beer to donate to the event, if you have valid Indiana server’s license we could sure use some help for this one! And if you have beer to donate that’s even better! Just some details, the Museum Brew Ha-Ha is an indoor event, we are planning on meeting at Turonis at 4:00pm to load up on the 26th. The event runs from 6-10pm. I have been told there will be a “Best Beer of the Fest” award that will be voted on by the event attendees so here is your chance to get some bragging rights and maybe a trophy!

The SWIRCA and More Brewfest was again a blazing success for our club. We did had some minor issues with set up (people showing up at the fest instead of at Turonis to help load) and some issues with our equipment (some quick connects had been removed from the air tanks). Our veteran beer fest workers along with some good ole’ homebrewer MacGuyver-ing got everything straightened out just in the nick of time, and once those minor issues were taken care of it was smooth sailing from there on out. We had around 20-25 different beers to serve (which were all of exceptional quality I might add) and like usual our station was a festival favorite. The third quarterly OVHA social night was held at the Gerst Haus September 12th. I have really appreciated these opportunities to get away from the busy and noisy club meetings and beer festivals to spend some time with other club members, friends, and family enjoying some fine beers and conversation. The next and last OVHA quarterly social night will be tentatively held at Turonis Saturday, December 5th at 4pm so mark your calendars now!

The theme of the September club meeting is “Homebrewing Swap Meet”. A Swap Meet is defined as “a gathering at which enthusiasts or collectors trade or exchange items of common interest.” The idea is we all have homebrewing related things that we may not use anymore but that someone else may want. So bring the stuff you don’t want, be it your old mash tun before you switched to brew in a bag, your brew in a bag before you switched to mash tun, carboys you don’t use, extra pbw, brewing related clothing you don’t wear anymore, brewing books you’re not going to read again, extra tubing, those gadgets you just had to build but only used once, and so forth and we can trade swap or sell all this stuff to each other. I think this is a fun idea and I know that we all accumulate tons of homebrewing stuff that’s just filling our basements and closets and garages that we never use.

After SWIRCA our next brew fest will be the Wesselman’s Woods Wandering Owl beer and wine trail October 28th from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This is a really nice event and I really like this one. Tickets are $50.00 per person and they always have excellent food, a camp fire, and live music. After that we have the annual AHA Learn to Homebrew Day November 7th which we voted on keeping at the last meeting and then the Holy Redeemer Tap and Cork event on November 14th.

I hope to see you all at the Wednesday meeting, don’t forget to bring your canned good!


Sky Buttrum