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President’s Message: May 2019

Fellow Homebrewers and Beer Lovers:

I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day weekend, and was able to share some of your finest work with friends and family!

Since our last meeting, we hosted the annual Big Brew Day on May 4th! I forgot to take a brew count, but I would estimate we had around 10 batches brewed that day (despite the ruthless pouring rain we battled). Thanks to all of you that came out, especially to those who braved the cold rain.

Following Big Brew Day was Maifest on May 11th. Unfortunately due to the weather, and to my understanding numerous other big ticket events, this was very low attended. Thanks to Dan Mills and Jordan Fehr for representing the club, regardless!

Due to several factors, we are running about 2 months behind the original meeting topic schedule for the year. Without further ado, it is time to cover the 1st out of 2 Big Turkey style profile sessions. For the sake of aging time, I will first cover the styles in which require the most time to mature. I don’t intend to go into great depth on each style, but merely provide a high level view of what each style is made up of, in hopes to inspire a larger entry pool. At this month’s meeting, I will cover the following Big Turkey Styles:

Tropical Stout, Foreign Extra Stout, Pre-Prohibition Lager, and Sahti.

As a continual reminder, the 2019 Big Turkey categories are:

Cat. 16 Dark British Beer

Cat. 27 Historical Beer

If you don’t have the BJCP app, I urge you download it. For you old fashioned folks that don’t have a smart phone, you can google BJCP guidelines and find the style descriptions.

Last but certainly not least, THIS WEEKEND IS ZOO BREW!! If you are able to donate beer, help set up, tear down or serve, be sure to sign up on the forum! Contact Jordan Fehr with any questions.

As always, I look forward to seeing you at Wednesday’s meeting!