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President’s Message: February 2019

Fellow Homebrewers and Beer Lovers,

March is just a few days away, and that once highly predictable season they call Spring is nipping at our heels! If your brewing patterns follow the seasons, now is the time to start brewing those Spring Saisons, Fresh IPA’s, Kölsch’s , and German Pilsners. Or if your a festive brewer (like I try to be), you may still have time to squeeze in an Irish brew for St. Patti’s Day! One that you still have plenty of time for, and one of my personal favorites, Märzens (March Bier)! Traditionally brewed in March and lagered until ready to be served at Oktoberfest. So if you watched October pass by wishing you had brewed one, here is your courtesy reminder. Your welcome.

For those of you who made it to the January meeting (at Maidens) thank you! As if the cold wasn’t enough of a deterrent, Germania decided it was just too cold for them to open for us. If you were one of those who weathered the cold, I am offering everyone free beer at tomorrow night’s meeting! A big thanks to John Mills and Maidens for hosting us on such short notice. We will be back at Germania for the February meeting on Wednesday.

For those who may have not heard or saw, we elected our Big Turkey styles at the January meeting, despite our relatively low sample size. To my surprise, Cat. 27 Historical Beers was a landslide, followed by Cat. 16 Dark British Beers. In the coming months, we will be covering these styles in place of a tech topic, to help familiarize everyone with them. If you don’t currently have the BJCP app downloaded, I urge you to take a minute and download it. It is a wealth of information, yet very easy to use. I can’t imagine designing recipes without it.

Our first club event will be the club barrel project, still slated for April. We don’t have a date finalized, as we have a few final details to iron out. However, we do have a nice barrel secured. Josh Wuertz was able to score a Makers Mark barrel for us! More on that later.

This month’s meeting on Wednesday will be light on agenda, as my presence was uncertain due to my recent ear surgery. However, with the low attendance in January, we have some catching up to do at the sampling table! I will briefly recap the agenda from the January meeting, and go thru the traditional motions- then we can head to the table.

Don’t forget your can good for an extra door prize ticket! I hope to see you all on Wednesday!