June 2022 Club Meeting

Hello fellow Homebrewers. Hats off to one of our finest brewers, Jordan Fehr, for heading up Zoobrew June 4th. He coordinated the organization of this event and man did I have a blast!!! I believe we had the majority of the the attendees from that event hovering over our beautiful taps flowing some of the best brew a person could ever have the pleasure of tasting. All of the beer was delicious but there were a few that really stood out from that event. Chris and Rachel Davidson brought ole Stouty McStoutface. Man that was tasty. Then there was our event coordinator, Jordan, who brought a Raspberry sour that was very popular. The Monkeys and Penguins drank their fill of Tom Wrinkles Delicious Brown Ale. We had 22 delicious beers on tap, not including all of Dutch’s ciders. Speaking of Dutch, the club owes him a hugh thank you for allowing us to use his home for equipment prep and cleaning day. He also bought the club pizza before the event and used his trailer to haul equipment and supplies. He is most generous and we give you a hugh Thank You Sir!!! Ok lets get to the June meeting topic. One wort many beers contest will be this June 29th @7pm @ Damsels brew pub. Bring that beautiful converted Nectar, of John Mills, and let’s try all those interesting delicious different types of beers. Then everyone gets to vote for their favorite one. Also please bring canned goods to donate and any homebrew that you want to share. I’m very excited to try all those delicious homebrews and speak with all you fine club members and guest!!!! See you then!!!

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